At People4 we have a wide variety of services and tools, focused on people and their organizations.
However, in all cases, we work on each of the issues in a particular and personalized way. In other words, we detect your problems and design, implement and evaluate the most appropriate solutions for your organization. Our expertise is in the design of ad hoc solutions for each client.

  • People4 talent
  • We help organizations to detect, care for and develop their internal talent.

    Assessmet Center

    We develop Assessment Centers, in company personnel development processes. The objective is to evaluate and measure in depth the aptitudes and competences – previously defined with the client – of the candidates, individually and / or in groups. The analysis is made through tests and dynamics always designed to respond to the needs of the organization.

    Potential Assessment

    We measure the potential of people for a specific position or position within the organization. The purpose of this evaluation is to make decisions about the future, both in the promotion and in the development. The methodology may vary depending on the competencies to be evaluated, the objective of the evaluation and the position.

    Assessment of commitment

    Measuring the level of employee engagement, shows how healthy the organization is. Engaged employees are emotionally involved with the company. Therefore, they are proactive, they look at the positive aspects of the company and express it, both internally and externally.
    From People4 we help them define which indicators have to be measured and understood, and also get to know what drives employees. From there, we generate the instrument and we make the first measurement.
    Subsequently, the client becomes autonomous to be able to make future measurements and check the evolution of the data.

    Internal promotion processes

    We evaluate the skills of professionals to detect their growth potential and development capacity within the company. We also propose an individual development plan to strengthen their skills.

  • People4 productivity
  • We provide support in the development of the management skills necessary to improve the performance of the business through people. We have the support of the Leadership Management International (LMI) methodology, which we are a partner with, thus achieving a measurable and guaranteed impact on the improved performance and results.


    Learning by doing
    We help to identify, define and achieve the goals. We help to restructure and refocus the daily activity and attitudes, that means to identify and dedicate more time to the activities of maximum performance and profitability.
    Likewise, we help them in learning to manage their daily activities in a different way, modifying current habits and acquiring good practices.
    Our clients can be all type businesses. Can be large, small and individual, with the following aspects in common:

    • They really want to improve their performance, their productivity and their results.
    • They want to be more competitive.
    • They want to improve their quality of life, inside and outside of work.
    • They have concerns, humility, an attitude of improvement.
    • They are willing to change their habits and attitudes.

    What results do our clients achieve?

    • Increased productivity, profitability and sales.
    • Improved personal organization skills and greater focus on priorities.
    • Better and more effective communication.
    • Improvement in leadership style.
    • Improve teamwork, people empowerment and team productivity.


    1. Improved performance and personal organization

    Specific program for people who have difficulties with their personal organization.


    • Improve the planning, prioritization and protection of the activity.
    • Improve the personal performance and the goal orientation to improve the results, identifying high efficient activities, increasing the time dedicated to them and focusing the goals towards them.
    • Change the way we manage our day-to-day by integrating habits and attitudes that help improve the personal performance.
    • Define your personal values ​​and seek balance between personal and professional life.

    2. Effectiveness in personal productivity

    Are the results what you want? Do you need or want them to improve? This program allows to increase the performance and achieve measurable results. Aimed at leaders with a team under their care..


    • Identify and dedicate more time to the activities of maximum profitability, the ones that really affect the income statement.
    • Train yourself in the dynamics of setting goals, achieving results.
    • Increase self-motivation.
    • Increase productivity by controlling your priorities and learning how to manage interruptions, unforeseen events and emergencies.
    • Assess your attitudes and integrate behavior changes to improve productivity.
    • Improve communication and delegation, making it more effective.

    3. Effectiveness in leadership development

    This is for leaders who have just promoted and for the first time have to manage a team. Leaders who want to improve their leadership skills, to better understand their role as a leader, and improve results..


    • Learn to delegate and how to exercise authority effectively.
    • Improve results through better time management.
    • Learn how to manage, prevent and solve the problems of the people who make up the team.
    • Learn how to motivate and develop people’s potential and productivity.

    4. Goal setting

    It is a program designed to help people learn to set SMART goals, understand the dynamics of goal setting, and thereby develop self-motivation and overcome limiting beliefs.


    • Get in the habit of defining and working with SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and tangible).
    • Overcome self-limitations and negative beliefs, which prevent you from leaving your comfort zone, generating a more positive personal attitude and more opportunities.
    • Stimulate initiative, creativity, confidence, self-esteem, and motivation through reflection, planning and achievement of the goals set.
    • Develop and foster attitudes of ambition, enthusiasm, passion, and the desire to work and achieve personal goals.

    5. Creative Selling

    Aimed at increasing the sales of our clients, to have a work plan in this field, based on specific, measurable goals and to question their attitudes and skills related to different aspects of the sale.


    • Identify and dedicate more time to the different activities of the sale through a concrete work plan oriented to results.
    • Learn to measure and track your own results.
    • Create, learn and develop a prospecting plan to improve the acquisition of new clients.
    • Prepare and improve the sales presentation / interview, more effectively and successfully.
    • Learn how to get more successful interviews.
    • Evaluate their habits and attitudes in the different aspects of the sale that harm the results, to integrate new, more positive and productive habits.
  • People4 identity
  • Teamwork

    We accompany leaders and / or their teams in their transitions due to promotion, digital change, business transformation and other causes. Working together, we provide them with tools, as well as a structured process to contain, metabolize and address transitions and through the human side of them.
    During this process, leaders will examine the “transition curves” of the role adjustment, the task performance, and the emotional energy. They will also seek to create organizational support for each stage of the transition process. They will identify how teams express unconscious resistance to transitions and learn to apply communication tools to address this resistance.
    They will also develop and cultivate the self-awareness and the emotional intelligence necessary to effectively navigate high uncertainty.

    Lastly, they will harness the power of higher cultural awareness to effectively navigate the entire transition process.

    We lead successful transitions

    We accompany leaders and / or their teams in their transitions due to promotion, digital change, business transformation and other causes. Working together, we provide them with tools, as well as a structured process to contain, metabolize and address transitions and through the human side of them.

    During this process, leaders will examine the “transition curves” of the role adjustment, the task performance, and the emotional energy. They will also seek to create organizational support for each stage of the transition process. They will identify how teams express unconscious resistance to transitions and learn to apply communication tools to address this resistance.

    They will also develop and cultivate the self-awareness and the emotional intelligence necessary to effectively navigate high uncertainty.

    Lastly, they will harness the power of higher cultural awareness to effectively navigate the entire transition process.

    Skills and abilities training

    People4 has a workshop to design the training requested by its clients in a very personalized way. In terms of content, formats and levels, either from your house or from ours. Our strength is to know the client’s needs very well, to design the ad hoc service for him and also to be able to measure the impact.

    Our philosophy is that training just for training is useless. We train to change, we train to improve, we train to build the teams of the future; those that tomorrow will impact the results of the organization.

    Leadership 4 People

    Being a leader in an organization can be rewarding, but it also comes with high expectations. That’s why it’s crucial to provide the leaders the support they need, to makes them able to successfully manage teams and drive results. At People4 we offer world-class leadership training to develop leaders who are efficient, productive, and committed to the success of their organization.

    Essential Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders

    Most managers do not understand how critical coaching is for the development, growth and performance of their people. We have a training program for leaders, Coaching People4, in which we teach managers how to effectively train their employees to increase productivity, create an environment of trust and autonomy, and deliver better final results.

    Organizations that effectively prepare managers to train their teams, are 130% more likely to have stronger business results, and 39% stronger employees through engagement, productivity and customer service”,
    Ken Blanchard.


  • People4 consulting
  • Healthy organizations

    We help to build healthier organizations and provide customized solutions for your specific situation, regardless of the industry, the size of your organization, or where you are at in the world.

    We use a practical, relevant and fast approach.

    • Executive out of the box. It is the starting point for any organizational health effort. Our leadership session consists of two days away from the office. It is a highly interactive and fast-paced session to help management teams assess the overall health of their organization, develop team cohesion, and maximize their competitive advantage.
    • Personalized organizational health trip. Taking the maximum profits of the competitive advantage that organizational health offers, requires a continued focus and effort from the CEOs and their teams. Our consultants design and direct a unique process that will ensure the long-term establishment and adoption of organizational health.

    Strategic plans

    We help small and medium-sized organizations to define their strategic business plans, identifying critical success factors and aligning objectives and goals.


    • Define the purpose, mission and values ​​of the organization.
    • Define the strategic lines of the organization, as well as its competitive advantage.
    • Identify the plans, programs and projects to be defined for each strategic line.
    • Identify the critical success factors of your organization, define tangible KPIs, project objectives, align goals and establish a system to monitor and control progress.
    • Analyze the organizational culture and its alignment with the new strategy.

    Problem diagnosis

    People4 offers the possibility of conducting specific research on problems that organizations use to have, and they are not sure about what to do or where to start.

    We propose to carry out a diagnosis of the situation, using social research techniques applied to business reality. Once completed, we propose an action plan, which you may or may not carry out with us.

    Gráfico Diagnóstico de problemas


    Project impact evaluation

    Engineers often say that what is not measured does not exist. At People4 we say that what is not measured cannot be improved. We build instruments to measure the impact of projects, programs and corporate policies, with the definition of indicators, both tangible and intangible.

    The ideal is to foresee this action at the beginning of the project to be able to measure the before and after, and to really have metrics that add value to the organization.

    Organizational restructuring

    From People4 we provide those organizations with structures and operating mechanisms that allow them to increase their effectiveness, agility and efficiency.
    We improve the integration, cohesion and trust of the management team and we provide them with tools to improve decision-making and conflict resolution.

    Likewise, we generate a common language with the management team to facilitate efficient business management and define the processes that add value and involve interactions between services.

    Gráfico Reestructuración organizativa

    Each of the phases of the process arises from an agile paradigm that allows the organization to quickly become a comprehensive communication agency, and gives them a new organizational culture with which they add value to customers and increase their efficiency in the sector.
    Both communication and change management will be present in all phases of the project.

  • People4 transformation
  • We create the best scenario to make people and organizations to generate their ideas and drive change.

    We accompany organizations in their change processes and in their organizational and operational transformation. We work with the people of the organization to achieve changes with the least resistance, transforming habits and behaviors.
    During this journey we become one of them. We are a family.

    Gráfico People4 transformation

Methods always help to bring order. Having tools it’s an advantage to help you to solve problems, to have ideas for a project, or overcome personal and / or professional injuries. Once the organization knows what, for what and how; this allows you to have a sweeter way to achieve the end result.

At People4 we use different methodologies, depending on the project, the problem to be solved, or the type of the organization. We like to combine qualitative and quantitative methods, which allow us to obtain more valid, reliable and consistent results.

The social sciences provide us with some of those methods and, in addition, we are always aware of the new methodologies that appear to incorporate them into our cognitive heritage and use them when it’s necessary with our clients.

  • Lego serious play
  • It is a methodology of communication, teamwork and problem solving. Through questions, each participant builds their own model using the Lego pieces. Individual and shared models serve as the basis for the group discussions and concrete decision making.

    It is used to define and plan a real-time strategy, to develop and unite teams, to help in decision-making, analyze information, explore complex problems, develop sustainable solutions and new strategies, among other issues.

    This dynamic allows us to reach conclusions that are usually hidden by the day-to-day routine.

  • Belbin
  • This methodology allows accompanying people who are getting higher leader position in the company, offering them support to face this challenge.

    We help the person to be prepared mentally to be promoted and to face any challenge of the personal change, leaving the past to accept the demands of the new stage.

  • Social investment techniques
  • At People4 we use these techniques and apply them to business reality.

    We like to use triangulation of methods and researchers to arrive at valid, reliable and consistent results.

    For this to happen, we use discussion groups, focus groups, polls, surveys, life stories and other tools.

  • TGN: Nominal group technique
  • It is a qualitative social research technique, which allows to work in a structured way with the participation of all the members of a group.

    All the ideas expressed in the group are valid and seriously taken, and it allows reaching agreements in an orderly way, discussing about the ideas, and not about the people.

    It is used for conflict resolution and for decision making, to generate ideas and establish action plans.

  • Coaching
  • We design and develop personalized support programs for executives, middle managers and teams.

    Our programs are oriented towards the achievement of objectives, the improvement of performance, and the integral development of people as a key element in the success of the organization.

  • Mentoring
  • This is a tool designed to develop people’s potential, based on the transfer of knowledge and learning through experience. All this within a structured process in which a personal and trusting relationship is established between a mentor and the apprentice.

    Mentoring ensures the transmission, with precision and efficience of all the knowledge, practices and elements that make up the organizational structure and that are key and important for organizations.

    For this reason, it is a methodology that generates the certainty that the learners are significant, both for the participants and for the organization.

    Each mentor is an ambassador of the culture of the organization to which he belongs. He is the one who transmits that culture through his experience to his mentee; Mentor introduces the mentee to the world of the company to facilitate the adaptation process.

    Mentoring is a methodology that supports change and improvement processes for all those who participate, and especially for the organization itself.

    It is one of the most powerful tools that allow organizational learning and talent development, that are two of the most important competitive advantages for any organization.

  • Agile methodologies
  • They allow adapting the way of working to the conditions of the project, achieving flexibility and immediacy in the response to adapt the project and to the specific circumstances of the environment.

    Organizations that choose this methodology, get to manage their projects in a flexible, autonomous and efficient way, reducing costs and increasing their productivity.

    Advantages of these methodologies:

    • They improve customer satisfaction since they will be involved and committed throughout the entire project.
    • Improves the motivation and involvement of the development team.
    • Saves time and costs.
    • It works with greater speed and efficiency.
    • Thanks to partial deliveries (focused on delivering those functionalities that add value first), and customer involvement, it will be possible to eliminate any unnecessary features of the product.
    • They allow to improve the quality of the product. The continuous interaction between developers and customers aims to ensure that the final product is exactly what the customer is looking for and needs.
  • Design Thinking
  • It is a methodology for generating solutions within a proposed framework. It is divided into a series of stages that users can go back to iteratively, and that they always have to go through at least once.

    One of the most important features of this tool is that it is fully user-oriented. For this reason, the products and services generated, in an appropriate way through Design Thinking, add value to people.

    Design Thinking is a user-centered and action-oriented methodology. Its objective is to generate solutions according to problems detected in a certain framework.